Some good news

I finally got convinced to switch to the Qt 4 development framework. This is good news for Windows users, which will have a native version of WebIssues, and in the future perhaps also other applications. Linux users should be satisfied as well. At least I am :).

I already ported most of WebIssues code... well, at least to a "compilable" state. Making it work will take more time probably. Anyway, watch for version 0.9.0 which will include full support for both Linux and Windows, some new features and a manual. The first beta version should be released by the end of April; since then I will try to make new releases as often as possible until the application reaches the stable stage.

Not all of my plans went well and it's damn hard to take it all on myself. But I feel that the time for some really big thing is coming. Maybe that's because of the weather :). Recently I passed the exam for driving license, and I find that a sign that the worst is already behind me. Just a little bit more patience...

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First Anniversary of

So it's been a year since the website was brought online. I guess it's a good moment for a brief summary and for showing my plans for the following year. But first I'd like to thank everyone who visited my websites, downloaded stuff and posted comments; watching these bars in my webstats grow is really the main reason that makes me keep working on all those open source projects.

The statistics show that there were over 25,000 visits during the year on all three websites. The most popular pages were the multi-column tree and ie-style menu bars articles with over 4,000 views each. Fraqtive, even though there were no new versions released during the last year, is still moderately popular and was downloaded over 1,500 times. WebIssues was downloaded about 300 times since the first release on September.

The most important thing for the nearest few months is to finish developing the key features in WebIssues and try to bring some attention to it. I believe that this system has a lot of potential, but there's still a lot of work to do. Especially after porting to KDE4 and reaching more platforms, it will hopefully become more popular. Then I want to port Fraqtive to KDE4, because I haven't done anything with it for over a year and it definitely needs some attention. I already have a few ideas to refresh the user interface and add some new features.

In the meantime, I have to make my driving license, buy a car, finish the renovation of my flat and put my personal life back together because it got completely screwed up lately... Well, time will show how this is all going to end. Sometimes it's best not to plan everything to the last detail, so I guess I'll just keep doing my job. See you at the next anniversary :).

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User registration enabled

User registration is now enabled on all sites and it's required to post comments and forum topics. I appreciate all comments you posted so far and I'm always trying to respond as fast as possible. So I hope the need of registration won't discourage you from expressing your opinions. In fact, I hope it will encourage you to contribute to these websites more actively :).

Please note that user information is not shared between the sites, so you need to register separately on each of them. I guess it's not a big problem as the target audience of these sites is slightly different anyway.

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Posting comments temporarily disabled

Posting comments and forum topics on all sites is temporarily disabled. It will be re-enabled again by the end of the week. Since then posting any content will require registration. I hope it won't be a problem to anyone. For now, you can contact me via e-mail.

As a side note, it's amazing that anonymous content was enabled on these sites for almost a year without any significant spamming attempts. But, I guess, they weren't popular enough for the spammers to attack it, so I should probably treat the last attack as a sign of growing popularity :).

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WebIssues website

After almost 7 month of development, the first official version of WebIssues is almost done. It will be released about September 20th. The website of the project - - is now under construction; more information will be available in a few days.

What can I say - after putting so much work into it, I'm very anxious what you will say about the program and what will be its future. I hope you will find it interesting and useful.

You can also notice that I made a face lifting of all web sites. The new graphical style is... uhm, quite original, but I personally like it. There is also some new stuff available - I updated my biography and published a few photos in the gallery.

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