Weekend in Prague

Actually more than a weekend - four whole days. Enough time to see the most interesting places and to feel the climate of the city. It's amazing, I must admit. It's really big and full of different cultures, but somehow it makes you feel like home. It's also beautiful, not just the few places most crowded by tourists, but the entire center of the city has a consistent and elegant look. And it's calm, full of parks and gardens, nice restaurants and pubs, you almost don't file the usual rush of the big city. As always I uploaded some photos. By the way, you can notice that I recently cut my hair and changed my "image" a little bit :).

This trip also made me realize the sad truth about the place where I live. Well, it wasn't the only reason, because I've been thinking above moving to another city for some time already, but that was the drop that made the glass overflow. Now it's not a matter of "if", but "where" and "when". I'm not really intending to go abroad just now (although from Gliwice it's not much farther to Prague than to Warsaw), so I'm probably going to decide between Wrocław and Kraków. The "when" is something between six months and a year, realistically speaking. I don't want to think about it during the summer, besides finding a job that would fully satisfy me will also take some time.

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New photos from Turkey

I added some new photos to the Gallery section from my holidays in Turkey. I must admit that it's a great country with a lot of beautiful places and very friendly people. I encourage everyone who hasn't been there yet to visit it. The first week I was traveling around the country and visiting various cities and locations. The second week I spent just swimming, sunbathing and feasting :). I had a great time and returned relaxed and full of energy.

As I promised, I'm going to finish the next release of WebIssues. Some new bugs were reported and a few quite useful features were requested, so I will probably release one more beta version. In the meantime I started working on a new project. Well, it's not completely new, but I had so much new ideas that I decided to design it completely from start. I will give some more details soon :).

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Back from holidays

One of the greatest traditions in Poland is the two national holidays on 1st and 3rd of May. Lots of people take vacation for the entire week and go to the mountains or to the seaside. I also couldn't miss the opportunity to leave my laptop at home and go to the opposite side of the country. It was my first holidays at the Baltic Sea and despite that the weather was a bit cold, I had a really great time. I came back with a lot of photos so I invite everyone to visit the updated gallery.

For this and a few other reasons, the release of WebIssues got delayed again. It's generally working already, but I want to finish a few more details and finally create at least a very basic user's manual. It's not one of my favorite tasks, but I've been already postponing it for too long. Anyways, no matter how much I will manage to do with it, the new version is coming this month for sure.

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