Initial release of Saladin

Today I officially released the first version of Saladin. I've been preparing the new website, along with the release packages, for a few days, and now it's officially on-line. If you are using Windows Vista or newer and you are looking for a lightweight, user friendly file manager, go ahead and take a look. One of the principles of Saladin is that it is a simple front-end for the Windows Shell, so it relies completely on shell integration for icons, contextual menus, drag and drop and most file operations. Although such approach is sometimes tricky (due to the nature of the Windows API), it allowed me to complete a quite usable version (at least I've been successfully using it for a few months already) in more or less half a year while simultaneously working on WebIssues as my primary project.

I would like to especially thank my wife who's also been testing Saladin and providing useful feedback and ideas. There is certainly still a lot to do, at the very least I would like to create an integrated file viewer and search engine, but the most important thing is that I reached the first milestone with this project and I can go back to working on a new version of WebIssues.

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